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the journey outward

In their first new release since Test for Echo, RUSH comes out with a new album.  Titled "the journey outward", this is the first concept album since 2112.  The story is about a team of individuals who journey outward to find intelligent life outside of the local Solar System.  The earth has been almost totally depleted of it's natural resources and the fate of the Earth relies on the team known as TSF crew. 

1: Launch 3:15

2:Outer Space 5:07

3:Trouble (Instrumental) 4:39

4:Lerxst Land 19:36

    A.Rough Landing





    F.Unfriendly Resolution

5.Intergalactic Rescue 3:45

6.Earth, life, friendship forever..... (Instrumental #2) 3:27


With the utmost Respect to Geddy, Alex, and Neil.  Just trying to be creative.

This has all been created out of the wild twisted mind of RobinHood.