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9/7-  Total Revamp, it's in a new directory but I guess it's still under "BETA" testing.            Hehheh.  However some of the links don't work so don't criticize me!!!!!!!!!!

9/2- Took the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Exam  70-067 and PASSED!!!!!!!         NOW I BE'S AN MCPS!!!!! (with bad english)  Just 5 more tests and I are gonna          be's an MCSE.

8/25- Here, have fun I still have some stuff under construction but here are some mo' links.


8/14- I know, I know, I need to update this thing. I really and truly don't have time to do all of that right now. I just got a new job at Texaco. So that's keeping me busy, but however, my wife is 7 months pregnant and she's due in November. So that's really keeping me busy. This is our second one. The first is my step son, but our family is so close we all call each other our own. You should see him, he's 3 and smarter than any other 3 year old I know. He can count to 13, knows all of his colors, can use my computer, and has good manners (I guess when we're not around). Plus the boy is full of energy, man, Abbi and I CANNOT sleep late on saturdays when I'm off of work, because he's up and at'em. When I get some time, I'm gonna put some pics of my family and my two boys (Elijah Bloo and Christian Collier-when he's born) up here. Of course, I'm gonna put some pics of my beautiful wife Abbi up here. But you people looking at my web page better not be emailing me to get to my wife.... heh heh heh.


Welcome to my website.  I finally got it up despite the enormous amounts of work I do at my job.  I'm still not totally done, but at least I have some graphics on here that I can say are MINE!  Email me if you want to comment my page-whether it be good or bad, just let me know.