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Here are some links that I use very often:

Major Companies

Guidant         This is the company that I work for.

Search Engines

Yahoo          The best search engine..         

Hotbot          The best search engine... hmmmm...    (Actually I like both equally well)

Excite           And if all else fails....


CNN                                      National/Global News

CNN/Sports Illustrated           Up to date sports scores and headlines


Microsoft              Microsoft's website

Tucows                 Tucows -various downloads

POV-Ray             Great graphics program.

Tripod                  My Web Page Hosts

32Bit                     Various downloads

Windows Files       Other Various downloads

Radio Stations here in Houston

93.7 KKRW                  93.7 The Arrow All RockNRoll Oldies

101.1 KLOL                 Rock 101 KLOL - Enuff said

Stevens & Pruett            Stevens and Pruett on 101.1   KLOL

107.5                             107.5 the Buzz

Local Houston Traffic and Weather

Houston Traffic                 Houston Traffic on Major Highways and Average speeds

Weather                           The weather channel

Music Stuff

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